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Luna Moth

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with Hannah, what a wonderful person to work with. Some people are just naturals. This was one of those types of shoots where you have the hardest time just picking the selects because you are so happy with every frame, not a common occurrence. Was lucky to have the wonderful help from Sam Ploskonka, she did the hair but also planned the majority of the shoot. As with most things, it is so much better with a good team. 


This was a set that I have wanted to do for quite a while. I enjoy shooting into the sun so I can use it as an interesting rim light. I used a large octobox to light her, then a 2 stop ND filter to keep the depth of field as shallow as I could. KISS (keep it simple stupid) is usually the key here, since I have no dedicated assistant and I am on location in equestrian area with uneven ground, one light is pretty much your only option, and yes even that one light fell over and broke one of my radio triggers.


I think I may do more blogs where I go through my thought process during the shoot, and how I  achieved the look that I did. If you are interested in that then follow me on twitter, or subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog. Or if you had a specific question you would like answered you can ask here, tweet, or email me.